This was a glorious day here in Putrajaya. Hot sunshine and good skiing conditions created the perfect welcome for our World Cup athletes as they arrived from 15 countries around the world. IWWF Homologator Nigel Talamo GBR and Organiser Hanifah Yoong and his team put the finishing touches to the Jump and Slalom courses as the sun set beyond the Putrajaya City skyline.

Enjoying the sunshine this afternoon were Ty and Rick Oppenlander USA, Clementine Lucine FRA, Marion Aynaud FRA, Danyelle Bennett USA, Aliaksei Zharnasek BLR, Herman Beliakou BLR, Nicolas LeForestier FRA, Freddy Krueger USA, Karen Truelove USA, Natalia Berdnikova BLR, Will Furze GBR/MasterCraft, Boris Laval FRA, Anais Amade FRA, Billy Susi USA, Aaron Larkin NZL, Jonathan Travers USA, Nick Parsons USA, Jodi Fisher GBR and Will Asher. Many more will arrive later tonight. Friday will see the start of Official Practice at 08.00hrs. The RTM TV crews will also set up their EIGHT camera positions. Our World Cup team will set up the very sophiscticated Webcast Studio and the sounds checks will continueAliaksei Zharnasek in the main Grandstand area.

Today the President of the Putrajaya Corporation, Tan Sri Samsudin Osman, paid a visit to the site to inspect the installations and meet some of the World Cup skiers and he will return at the weekend with many other very important guests from Government and the Business community.

We are all looking forward to a great Practice Day on the water tomorrow – and as the sunshine is guaranteed every day, it promises to be a special experience once again for all concerned.

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