Natalia Berdnikova BLR created history – or at least pending history ! Competing in Central Florida today, Natalia scored 9080 points. This makes her the first woman in the world to ever score more than 9000 points.

Behind this extraordinary performance is a fascinating sequence of events. Natalia was injured a year ago. While working on her recovery, Clementine Lucine FRA also hit the headlines over and over again. We have lost count with the number of pending World Shortboard Records she scored. She did get a confirmed 8840 points to take the World Record – but also scored 8930 points which did not pass the Judges final decision. Certainly, World Cup star Clementine Lucine looked set to break that 9000 barrier. If the Judges confirm Natalia’s 9080 points today, her name will certainly enter the history books.

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