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Orlando, FL. July 12, 2017 - Jennifer Leachman-LaPoint, a 3x Women’s Slalom World Record Holder, founder of Women of Water Sports - On Tour, and Hall-Of-Fame Inductee, recently announced the introduction of a campaign designed to expand the spectrum of competitive water skiing. LaPoint is creating a new app focused on encouraging involvement in sports, her ultimate goal being to motivate millions of water skiers to participate in competition.

Water skiing is rapidly losing participants, and with lack of coverage from major TV and media outlets, there is a shortage of exposure to attract new participants. LaPoint’s project aims to remedy both issues. Because most slalom courses are restricted to private lakes, it is difficult for people to learn to compete or measure their skills. Her goal is to open a gateway.

“My concept, pegged ‘COMPETE,’ is an app for virtual reality water skiing,” Lapoint describes. “With the app, each player will be able to film themselves skiing and attain a water ski score and rank. The experience will be enhanced by special eyewear leveraging augmented reality technology to display the ski course buoys during their ride. This experience creates a whole new dynamic for the sport, bringing competition skiing to anyone, anywhere at anytime.”

As a collaborative app, COMPETE puts the “social” back in competitive water skiing, allowing players to challenge one another in impromptu competitions or match play. Players can gain points not only by buoy count, but also by every inch of water covered, endurance rides, biggest spray and most acceleration. To encourage younger participates, COMPETE will also allow kids to transform buoys into virtual creatures they can capture on the water. For fans, there are options to pick leaderboards and form fantasy teams. Furthermore, COMPETE will provide measurement, feedback and coaching in real-time.

“When people have a method to measure success and obtain feedback on their performance, they will be motivated to pursue it further,” LaPoint conveys. “Not only will it promote competition at the grassroots level, but it will also spur the pro level as COMPETE becomes a future source of revenue for media and TV, building the sport up from the bottom and pulling it up from the top. ”

Currently, LaPoint is in the process of fundraising the development of the proof of concept for the water ski version of COMPETE. Jaibil, a fortune 500 technology company, has shown interest in assisting with development. A Go Fund Me campaign is in operation for investments to fund the project by September, in hopes of full release to the public for spring of 2018. A future Kickstarter campaign is also being developed. Ownership opportunities in the business are available with larger investments. To contribute, go to




About Jennifer Leachman - LaPoint

Leachman has been a professional skier and icon of the sport for more than 30 years. Learning to ski on the Ohio River and launching her competitive career at age six, Leachman got her first professional break when she was asked to represent MasterCraft Skis, a fledgling ski company being developed by Bob and Kris LaPoint. After tying her Women’s Slalom World Record (4 @38  off), she changed gears and moved to Florida to ski year round and become a full-time professional. In 1987, she opened O’Town WaterSports, which hosted some of the first slalom league and local professional wakeboard events. A few years later, she founded Women of Waterskiing - a grass-roots organization dedicated to teaching women and children to ski. It later transformed into Women of Water Sports - On Tour, the first all-women pro tour developed to save women’s water skiing from extinction after being dropped from the existing televised pro tour. Leachman LaPoint has also been dedicated to the industry side of the sport, helping design many ski products for companies like O’Neil Wetsuits and Fogman Bindings and serving on the USA Waterski Board of Directors.