eNeR Gy

noun - en·er·gy \ˈe-nər-jē\

Vigorous exertion of power:

The  capacity  for  vigorous  activity;  available  power

NRG- description – natural rocker geometry; see d3

NRG BOS release 7 21

The NRG is a different ski for D3. The NRG has been created for skiers who are looking for quicker turns and prefer a ski that can develop more angle as it approaches the wake. The NRG turns in the blink of an eye. The NRG’s new concave creates maximum holding power as it exits each turn and builds space to the next edge change. Skiers who ride the middle to back of the ski and want a quick turning ski will want to try the NRG.

Powerful, quick, fast… that’s the NRG.

NRG – 64”, 65”, 66”, 67” and 68” NRG-PINK- 64”, 65” and 66”

NRG starts shipping 7-26-2017 in limited sizes.
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