Bring in 3,000 new members #getamemberchallenge, teach 2,000 people to ski #imawaterskier, and get 1,000 skiers to their first tournament #tryitloveitliveit. It's called the 3-2-1Kampaign #321kampaign. Help build our sport by achieving one of the goals. 
Achieve it...take a pic...post it...tag it! Help brand the campaign by changing your profile picture to the 321k logo.
AWSA needs everyone to help embrace this campaign, spread the word, and help make this campaign succeed.  This is not about rules, surveys, or some pipe dream idea. This is a simple campaign the just requires effort by our members, and if we can reach our goal AWSA will be in the best shape it has been in years.  And it doesn't cost a dime!
The customers that we are looking for to reach this goal are out there, loving life on the water everyday. All this takes is the extra effort to convert those customers into future members.
We need our members to make this campaign a brand, and to make it go viral by promoting it and getting everyone behind it.  There are 6,000 total goals so if each member can help achieve one of them.....we will succeed.  
The goal is to bring in 3,000 new members (3k), teach 2,000 to ski that have never skied before (2k), and get 1,000 skiers to their first tournament (1K).  Thus the 3-2-1K part and we are spelling Campaign with a K.
We are using 3 hashtags, 1 for each step. So any member that achieves one of the steps should use these hashtags or tag @awsa3event on instagram or @amwaterskiassn on FB or send pics/vids to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
3k part #getamemberchallenge
2k part #imawaterskier
1k part #tryitloveitliveit