Coming on the heels of the Sugar Sand Jet Boat acquisition, FLOE International’s FLOE CRAFT division has also acquired Gekko Boats, a leading boat designed for the water sports industry.

Along with the acquisition, FLOE is excited to hire Mark Overbye, former CEO of Gekko, as President of the FLOE CRAFT division. Mark brings passion, energy and 30+ years of expertise in the water sports industry. Mark is a nationally ranked slalom competitor. He is the current VP of the USA Water-ski Foundation, has a thorough understanding of the market and will be a great asset to the FLOE CRAFT Team.

This acquisition supports FLOE’s strategic plan to become a major player in the marine industry. FLOE CRAFT currently produces the Afina 3950 which defines a new category in the high-end entertainment yacht segment. The GEKKO acquisition continues FLOE CRAFT’s expansion into growing market categories. In January, FLOE CRAFT will begin production in its newly expanded 120,000 square foot facility.

Wayne Floe, CEO of FLOE International, said “I’m extremely excited about the positive economic impact that this will have on our region and for our dealer network.”

Wayne also shares the same passion for water sports as Mark Overbye. Wayne believes Mark’s addition to FLOE CRAFT will produce creative synergy to develop products focused on a better user experience.


For further information contact Mark Overbye at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 952-445-5445