I would like to congratulate all you skiers for your exceptional performances
and dedication to the sport. I know the amount of time and dedication you put
into water skiing.
With all of our continued involvement and support we will see great success in
the Big Dawg future. 

I was personally thrilled with the out come of the finals. Even though I was
taken down by Marc Shaw I had a great time.
The new Goode Power Bouys made the event even more exciting for the spectators
to watch.
If we continue to put on impressive events in great venues like Okeeheelee Park
we will see more and more spectators and sponsors.

I want to personally thank our Drivers from the first two Big Dawg events, and
of course a special thanks to Becky and Tim for their continued commitment to
the sport.

(Not to mention I love their driving)

Greg and all the sponsors I can't say thank you enough, I know I will remember
the sponsors when ever I purchase new product.

Thank you again

USA Water Ski
Correct Craft
Obrien Water Skis
Goode Water Skis
D3 Water Skis
Connelly Water Skis
HO Water Skis
Eagle Vests
Polk Audio
Ram Lin
Zero Off
Hope that's all of them!

See you all next year. 

Dave Miller

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