UKRAINE OPEN 2009: A new stage of water ski development in Ukraine.
Open Water Ski Tournament UKRAINE Open will be held in Dnepropetrovsk on August 14-16th. The initiator and organizer of the competition is water ski club “Sentosa” (Dnepropetrovsk).

The event of such level and scope is held in Dnepropetrovsk for the first time. The skiers from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain, France, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus – around 60 participants - will take part in the tournament. Among them there will be the “stars” of water skiing, who hold the first positions in the world rating: Jaret Llewellyn, Canada, Scot Ellis, USA, Kyle Eade, New Zealand, Nikolas Lefiorestier, France, Alex Lauretano, USA, nightmare of all skiers of the world Freddy Krueger, USA  and others.

Along with all the stars the juniors will take part in the competition. The Tournament will be held in three stages: short-board, slalom and jump.  The chief judge of the Tournament will be the chairman of the International Water Ski Federation Kuno Ritschard. Besides, the judicial functions will be represented by the qualified judges Elena Kunert (Slovakia), Inessa Potes (Belarus), Emanuel Lion (Austria), Michael Mos (Poland), Leonid Gubarenko (Russia). The calculation of results will be provided by Paolo Burberry Arnaldi (Italy) and Sergei Selivanov (Belarus).
All the events of the Tournament will be commented by Marina Basinskaia, 26-fold champion in short-board event, whose record was unbeaten till the last year.

The organizers state that UKRAINE OPEN is a real statement for further holding of international water ski championships in the Ukraine. -We are sure that such a bright sport event like Open Water Ski Tournament UKRAINE Open will be a new page in the development of this kind of sport in our country. It will bring back to Dnepropetrovsk its deserved status of “water ski capital” of Ukraine and present to the citizens and foreign guests of the city a spectacular sport festival,- states the director of water ski club “Sentosa” Andrei Mikhailichenko. – A passport to success is the “star” membership of participants and judges, the perfect technical and organizational base of water ski club “Sentosa”, which is the organizer of the Tournament; moreover, enthusiasm and faith in one`s own business of leading skiers of Dnepropetrovsk, who admire the initiative of holding this competition, are very important. We are sure it will be a success, and we hope we can organize Junior Water Ski Europe Championship in Dnepropetrovsk in the nearest few years.

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