Face2Face Tour







Over 7000 miles have already passed under Marcus Brown and his Face to Face Tour with countless hours logged on his MasterCraft pulling skiers in the western half of the country.  It wasn’t long ago, June 1st when the rig was delivered and the boat was hooked up, the Face to Face tour kicked off in Colorado and made its way west into Cali followed by a swing through the Northwest. 

The Face to Face Tour rolls on, log onto www.facetofacetour.com or www.hosports.com for upcoming clinic information or follow the tour via Twitter as Marcus sends updates and pictures!  www.Twitter.com/Marcus_Brown

Upcoming Dates                               

August 6th – 9th          Calgary, AB               Water Ski World Championships!

August 11th -14th         W. Palm Beach, FL    Water Ski National Championships!

August 20th -22nd        Orlando, FL                Water Ski Expo!

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