Big DawgsOBRIEN ELITE,    At the O'Brien/Nautique Big Dawg this, weekend, In Mich.  O'Brien/ Nautique are giving away a new O'Brien Elite Ski.  Drawing, anyone and everyone present is eligible to win.  Good odds, to win Ski.    Not to mention, you might see the best 34 mph skiing in the world.   CC will also have a 2010 Ski Nautique there.   All the boys are coming.  Tynan, Morgan, Badal, Larson, Scott, LaPoint, Miller, Johnson, Raily, Favrat, Dehlinger,  and more.   It's going to be a slug fest.  http://www.skibigdawg.comO'Brien Elite

If interested in an Elite contact me.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Andy Mapple will be there, the Chairman of the Board for Correct Craft ( Ken Meloon) will be there, representitives from Zero Off and Obrien will be there.  It's going to be exciting.    I wouldn't be surprised if another record might fall this weekend.  Dave Miller turned 4 ball at 41 several weeks ago at the Obrien/Nautique Big Dawg in Covington, La.   He now knows he can run the pass.

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