It's been 6 years since a region outside the host region won all-stars but it finally happened in 2009 as the midwest showed depth and consistency for the 3700 poiint victory.  After mens slalom they led by 50 and after womens slalom the East had the lead.  But tricks and jump would prove the difference as the Midwest would pull away easily by mid-day Sunday.

It was the largest all-stars turnout since the formation of the 10 skiers format with over 120 skiers.  Beaver Lake and all their sponsors put on a great event as this is the 3rd all-stars there in 6 years.  Daniel Odvarko continued where he left off at Nationals by easily winning mens slalom with 4 @ 39.  In womens slalom Micheala Cooper and Karen Stevens tied for 1st with 3 @ 35 off.  ASU teammates Stormy Selsor and super smoken hot Danielle Stagar won respective trick events and overall titles.  And in the pouring rain Sunday Storm Selsor and Kayla McClure each took home 1st in jump.

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