Syndicate Team spent the 2008 tournament season refining the very successful Syndicate A1 shape specifically for the 34mph tournament scene.  The result is the newest ski in the Syndicate Program, the Syndicate S1. The world’s first 34mph specific super ski.  Designed specifically for the 34mph speed, turn support and line you’ve been dreaming of. 


Analysis of the tournament market has determined two unique skier styles and resulting skier tastes in slalom skis.  Some skiers prefer skis that ride deeper in the water, have a tip down attitude and more of a carving turn shape.  While other skiers choose skis the that ride higher in the water, require less physical exertion and have quicker more “skidded” turn shapes.  More often than not this first type of skier is a 36mph skier and an A1 user, while this second type of skier is a 34mph skier and now a S1 user.  The S1 design produces its specific type of on-water attitude by employing a 34mph specific hybrid concave design. By utilizing a 5.75 percent smaller bevel, narrower traction rail width and a 16 percent shallower concave depth, the S1 delivers a faster, lower drag, quicker, more skidded turn shape, all without sacrificing the stability and predictability the A1 has become famous for.

The S1 also introduces a completely new 34mph shape profile. Unlike competitor’s skis which radically increase the surface area of the ski under the boots, the S1 incorporates a traditional A1 width profile under the boot region.  This allows the ski to stay down and cut through the boat wakes as opposed to bouncing or drastically jumping onto the turning edge through the edge change.  Fore and aft of the boot region, the S1 maintains more of its maximum width.  This concentrate of additional surface area fore and aft of the boot region not only provides the lift needed for increased speed and reduced drag, but also provides a balanced amount of additional support to the skier at the finish of the turn.  

The final component is the 34mph specific 5-stage rocker line.  Building upon the strength of the A1’s industry first 5-stage rocker line, employing dual flat spot technology for increased speed and stability, the S1 rocker line is faster and smoother than ever before, providing the most efficient ride in the industry.

The proof is on the water!  Ride the S1 today and find the ski that fits your skiing style!

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