D3 Z7At D3 the future is NOW. The Z7 is a completely new ski design. Wider than its predecessors, the Z7 carries the workload in its beefy, wider center section located directly under the front foot. The tip section of the Z7 has not been made wider. By keeping the tip width more traditional the Z7 engages the turns with minimal skier effort. The tail surface area has been moderately increased. This keeps the tip of the ski riding at the proper attitude creating more speed and glide out to the turns. Since the tail is now effectively wider, increased inside radius side-cut was added giving the Z7 effortless turn initiation and a very progressive load to the wakes. Wider, but still catering to an endless variety of slalom course styles. http://store.d3skis.com/


As the graphic suggests the Z7 masters both sides of the course with unmatched symmetry. Left or right foot forward skiers will appreciate both the on and off side turns of the Z7. The perfect combination of bevels, rocker and flex the Z7 is the ANSWER for all short-line competitors.

The Z7 has an incredibly “balanced” feeling from tip to tail. The Z7’s rocker shape and flat spot naturally place the skier in the center of the ski. Center weight distribution delivers a comfortable, stability every skier will notice the first ride.

Months of R&D attention was spent creating the finest bevels ever produced in the history of water ski manufacturing. From tip to tail every bevel and radius has been meticulously constructed. The bevels are the foundation for the Z7’s unparalleled stability and turnability.

The Z7 is the first D3 ski to feature ZTM. Zero Tolerance Manufacturing. Designing the perfect ski shape is only half of the slalom ski performance battle. Once the ski mold has been cut then it is time to establish the rocker and flex targets for the perfect ski. Once rocker and flex parameters are finally identified reproducing the same ski over and over is always the ultimate manufacturing challenge.  During the production of each and every Z7, D3 has reduced the tolerance of all critical design parameters to virtually ZERO. This makes each Z7 we produce the perfect slalom course specimen. No other manufacturer comes anywhere close to our ski to ski consistency and day in and day out quality.  The proof is in the performance.

Center Mass Load Distribution.   This means the ski is wider under your feet, creating more support and improving overall glide.

Programmed Concave Transition.    Creates stability during the edge change, eliminates pre-mature roll in.

Progressive Radius Rails  A small, flat area where the concave and bottom bevel meet. Improves stability and control.

Compound Radius Bevel Definition. The most complex combination of increasing and decreasing radius bevels ever produced. These compound radius bevels improve the stability of the ski throughout the edge-change and turn. Delivering the rock-solid feel short line skiers demand.

Inside Radius Side-Cut.  Improves turning, eliminates the “all at once” turn.

ZTM (Zero Tolerance Manufacturing).  Improves individual ski consistency. Ski cloning is now possible.

Three stage rocker.  All three zones are designed independently for the largest sweet-spot available.

Symmetrical Turn Design. The tip to tail overall rocker, platform placement (flat spot) and rise over distance is independently controlled and measured to guarantee left and right turn symmetry. Left and right foot forward skiers will have the best turns available. No smoke and mirrors, the perfect blend of these design parameters will result in a great turning ski on both sides.

64”      /      65”      /     66”    /       67”

$1,299      blank with machine screw inserts, Accuset fin block, fin blade and all mounting hardware.

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