Alex LaurentanoLast week's Executive Director's Report included a poster with Uncle Sam admonishing you to join USA Water Ski. It was meant to stimulate you to join because joining USA Water Ski is patriotic. In a recent issue of Time, there was an article discussing the psychology of getting people to do something specific.
The examples of getting people to do specific things included saving more money, spending resources more responsibly, and recognizing that we cannot return to our old ways of spending so lavishly for today without regard to what tomorrow will bring.

The aspect of the article that caught the eye of USA Water Ski Executive Director Steve Locke dealt with the tendency of people having a "herd mentality." In other words, people generally are followers…it's easier that way…and following people who are famous, respected, handsome, beautiful, rich, intelligent, and successful seems to be a common practice no matter what you do. So, taking a hint from the herd mentality approach, we will be featuring a new poster each week on the right side of the home page of of one of the prominent people of water sports. We will jump week-to-week from sport discipline-to-sport discipline and will use these folks to hopefully attract the poster boy's/girl's admirers. Stay tuned.

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