For me the ski year starts and ends with the Imperial Record. I do not know what is going in this pic but I look old.

Almost every year on the way to Imperial, Gallagher and I stop at the Salton Sea. It is North America's Greatest Man Made  Ecological Disaster. We are fascinated by the Sea and the devastation around it. Here is a picture of the Horton's house at Bombay Beach. I really hope we are not related.

Erika broke the record at Imperial. Yadda Yadda Yadda

A week or so after Imperial, Gallagher snapped her fibula playing tennis. Little did we know she was a week or two pregnant at the time.

The other thing that happened in November 2013 is we took ownership of our own lake house. Below is the street side.

The lake was dry and due to be dug out when we took the keys.

The inside of the house looked fine to me. Gallagher did not agree. 

With the help of Z Taylor Horton the inside soon looked like this.

Here is Gallagher and I at the Greenstone wedding in December

I do not remember this exact pepper but I am sure it hurt.

In the beginning it was more moving dirt around than actually digging

More piles of dirt

When I could get a way I went next door to SkiWest to get a ride from Chuck and the boys. This was December.

The painting took forever!

Starting to look like a lake again

Nice and flat on the bottom

May 1 2014 the lake was dug and the well was putting water in the lake 

OMG how long is this going to take?

The Kitchen is almost done in this pic

Almost full!


Even my office at the lake house came together

Wow the day this thing showed up was exciting! We were ready to ski on my lake behind my new Carbon Pro!

We were very sad to lose our cat Cleo. She lived way more than 9 lives.

Never thought I would see the day

Never thought I would see the day x 10000

This is not even funny

June 20 2014 at 11:57 PM this happened

See the forum

4th of July 2014

Buford's first ride in the trick boat

California ProAM 

With all this going on plus running BallOfSpray and holding down a real job I skied a little. I did not ski any tournaments between the 2013 Imperial Record and August 2014.

Then I had the best 3 months of tournaments of my adult life. I ran into 39 off at 6 out of 7 tournaments. For me that is a big deal.





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