Simply put, this is one of my favorite skis in a long time. Marketed under the HO brand as opposed to the more prestigious Syndicate brand, the Coefficient-X may not be on every skiers list of top skis and that is a huge mistake. This is an easy to ride shortline super ski. This ski is distinct from every other high end ski on the market, and it does things I wish every other ski did.

Photo by Gallagher

West Coast Slalom Visualization Take your Slalom training to the next level with focused mental practice. 
Use the power of your mind to change and improve your slalom technique.
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This West Coast Slalom Visualization Training is a natural next step to Mike Suyderhoud’s ground breaking West Coast Slalom Advanced DVD. This training features the smooth and fluid West Coast Slalom technique of Terry Winter as a model. The DVD is designed to be a regular part of your weekly training regimen. Based on the psychological concept of modeling and incorporating the Shortcut Method visualization training, the DVD will help you improve your technique through neuromuscular patterning. By following the simple, yet effective outline for focused mental practice your body’s own mechanism for creating movement will help you change and improve your slalom technique. Listening to your favorite music while viewing the visualization sequences makes this an enjoyable process. It also creates an auditory link between the images on the DVD and the music. 



  2010 D3 Z7
General Feel The Z7 is perhaps the most stable and easy to ride ski to date from a ski company known for stable and easy to ride skis. On the Z7, skiing within your comfort zone is just easy. When it is time to go for one last ball, this ski stays with you. Most high end skis have a distinct personality, the Z7 is simply a balanced performer.  The Z7 is clearly one of the very best high end skis on the market. 
Toe Side (Off Side) Turn Ample front foot pressure at the apex helps the Z7 initiate earlier and finish smoother but this ski turns hard and fast no matter what the skier does. It is pretty close to automatic. 
Heel Side (On Side) Turn Heel side is much like Toe Side but less aggressive  - no less dependable. You can pretty much expect this ski to turn at the ball no matter what you do. 
From Second Wake to Ball This ski carves out very wide with amazingly little fuss. It is quite fast without feeling fast. The skis stability (width under the binding) becomes apparent as you approach the ball. It almost makes you wonder if the boat is going slow.
From Ball to Second Wake The tip easily stays down and the ski holds a lot of angle with little effort. 
Quarks The Z7 is extremely stable and easy to ride so much so that it is hard to find the best Set Up. Toe Side turns can finish very aggressively and some skiers will get so much ski in the water at the hook up that the ski will feel stuck for a brief moment. 

  2008 Connelly Prophecy
General Feel Rides Deep in the water. Very stable. Requires a lot of physical strength. Ski seems to be always acquiring more and more angle. Handle control on this ski is much more critical then most. 
Heel Side (On Side) Turn Ski is so forgiving in terms of weight distribution that it almost encourages bad habits. 
Toe Side (Off Side) Turn Tip naturally rides deep in the water. There is never a question if this ski is going to turn and turn hard. Ski is very forgiving to weight distribution.
Quarks Fin settings are very critical. Stock F1 settings are a good starting point.
From Second Wake to Ball Ski carves a wide & early arc in front of the ball. If you do not control the handle well, you will not get wide.
From Ball to Second Wake Ski continues to increase angle all the way back to the first wake. 

When I arrived  home today, I found a UPS box at the front door. Inside was a Digital Slot Caliper made by Dave Dipol. My first reaction was “Well, that is not going to work”. Ten seconds later, I realized that the slot caliper is pure genius!

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