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Introducing the all-new XTR Team, a ski with DNA dating back to the XTR/Nano One shape. Our entire collection stands on Dave's Carbon Core technology that drastically increases durability while increasing performance.

Building on the foundation of the carbon core, we huddled up as a Team with our top pro slalom athletes for countless hours throughout 2021. We listened to their needs with not only what they were feeling but also what they were seeing. From there we were able to perfect their needs at 41 off and the results were amazing! That was our first step. Next, we put our heads down to create a ski for every skier on the water. We obsessed over perfecting the ski so when you step into your boots and onto the water you immediately feel confident, stable, balanced, and in control.

Regina was instrumental in our R&D process, because she has a special talent similar to Dave in being able to notice how the ski is riding on the water and how that directly translates to the technical makeup and build of the ski. We are confident this ski will increase your performance. You will not only feel the effortless, symmetrical turns with a quicker rebound that leads to increased side-to-side speed and width but you will have FUN all the way through the course. 

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