How hard a skier needs to go at the entrance gates is a common concern. The answer, however is variable.


Like anywhere else in the course how hard you need to go as you approach the first wake is directly dependent upon how much speed you were able to finish the previous turn with. The more speed you carry through the finish of the turn, the better your alignment  will be at the turn's completion. Greater speed allows you to ski further through the turn before the load on the rope begins to engage. This will allow your trailing hip  to come under the rope, leaving you neatly stacked. Less speed at the finish of the turn will see the load begin to build before you have properly aligned with the rope. From here you will have to increase your intensity to keep your direction into the wake. 

The more speed at the finish of the turn, the later the load will build. As a result you will have more space to achieve proper alignment. This will allow you to go easy into the wakes because your body position is less vulnerable.  Being slower through the turn's finish will cause the rope to load before you are properly stacked. This will force you to go harder (exert more energy) to keep from losing your direction. Simply going easy, or being 'light on the line' is great in theory, but is only effective when you have used your speed to achieve proper alignment.

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