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EP99: Ski Talk with Andrea Alessi (Part 2)


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Welcome back to The Water Ski Podcast for episode 99!This is the second part of Matteo's interview with Andrea "Bubu" Alessi!Bubu is a former Pro water skier from Italy, the 1993 World Jump Champion, and former coach of the Italian National Team. He is widely regarded as the most influential water skier in the history of the sport in Italy, due to his successes and contribution to the development of the sport. In this second part, Matteo and Bubu discuss the transition from skier to coach, including the importance and challenges of these identity changes. The two proceeded to explore Bubu's years sailing around the world, the birth of his daughter Mia, the challenges of being a good coach (including the mental side of skiing and coaching), and a bunch of other nuggetsEnjoy! Episode 100 will be released as soon as it is ready :)_________________________Matteo will soon be hosting an online class in sport psychology for waterski coaches and anyone who enjoys helping water skiers to improve. More details will be announced in upcoming weeks. For more information feel free to write himThis episode is brought to you by the FlowPoint Method, a revolutionary and holist approach to water skiing created by Jenny LaBaw and Marcus Brown.Learn more about the FlowPoint Method by going to thewaterskipodcast.com/flowpointmethod. Take a few seconds to write a review of the podcast on Apple Podcasts, it really helps :-)If you are enjoying this podcast, please consider a donation.If you are interested in advertising on The Water Ski Podcast, please reach out.

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