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No BS Review of 2023 Radar Graviton


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No BS Review of 2023 Radar Gravitoned41nv35ea2x.jpg

In recent years I have tried and failed to bond with two of the hottest trick skis on the market. In both cases, I found no joy in spite of all the hype. Still looking for the Holy Grail, after Nationals this year I took a chance on the new Radar Graviton. I can summarize my impression of this ski in three words: I love it.

So, what makes the new Graviton so lovable? First is the concave tip and tail. Each end of the ski is like an open shallow dish, and the rims on either side of the dish help the ski track like a concave slalom. Get the ski fully turned and it holds like glue. It improved my W5B and reverse-wrap WBB immediately. Second, with the proper binder position, the ski launches you into the air on wake tricks. I got altitude that I hadn’t experienced before. I’m not a flipper but I can imagine that flippers will bless this ski. One of the Graviton’s design innovations is a separate set of inserts exclusively for hands. Since I plan to use it for both hands and toes, I haven’t even explored the forward hands-only position.

I’m still learning what this ski will do for toes. It has a different feel than any ski I have ever used, but I think it is going to improve my toe tricks. It rewards good posture. Stay on top of it and keep your toe foot in and it’s there for you. My RTB and RTBB improved right away, again because of the concave tip. The ski tracks so well in the toe back wrap position that I am able to be more patient and pause longer in back before coming forward, which helps my posture going into the next trick.

After many years using separate skis for hands and toes, I’m now back to a one ski quiver. And, oh, did I mention that I also love the looks? Not the Joel Poland cartoon, but a great looking ski.

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