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Pending G2 National Record


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So this got waaaay more interesting as the weekend progressed. Also present was G2 skier (and undoubtedly future pro) Lexi Ableson. Saturday Tia sets the pending record with 3@35. First round on Sunday, Lexi puts up a big score, 2.5 at 35 as called by the tower, 3 called by the boat judge. Video review confirms 3. Record is tied.


Second round Sunday, Lexi is first off the dock. She runs 22, 28, 32. Now -35. 1, 2, 3, 4 and a fall! Lexi breaks the pending record with 3.5@35!


Now it’s Tia. Again up the rope to 35. 1,2, 3, 4 and back to the wake for 4@35. Another record!


And Saturday evening, Tia was top of a ski show pyramid. FYI, Sure Path and ropes/handles are all good.


These girls will meet again next week at Nationals. Watch G2 for some very exciting skiing. And if you ever get a chance to ski with the Old Farms Skiers in Avon, CT, don’t miss the opportunity. What a great ski site.



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