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2022 Aquafest Water Ski Tournament


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Shameless plug for a little fun practice/exhibition style tournament happening in a little over a week in Lake Stevens, WA: It would be fun to meet some ballers! Note that the focus here here fun and showing the community how great water skiing can be. This is in open water on a public lake, so it can be challenging. :)




Well.... it is FINALLY here.... the annual Lake Stevens Water Ski Club tournament!!! The waterski tournament is ready to start at 7:00AM on Saturday, July 30th. It is at the "City Beach" in the cove close to the "old downtown" area. Look for a bunch of skiers all hanging out at the beach - it will be easy to find us!


Our tournament is a family-friendly, welcoming, and fun event. We want EVERYONE to come ski, compete and enjoy a great morning on the water. We have a class for all types of skiers and this year we are amping up the fun to 10! For ski club members, your $10 registration fee guarantees you four passes through the course or two falls. You'll get a minimum of four passes through the course behind a competition ski boat all for just $10!! The same deal is available to non-members for just $20. And if you do well you'll get prizes to take home and brag to all your friends.


Registration will begin at 6:30 am, with skiing to start by 7:00. We'll start with the "Open Class" - it is SO fun to watch these marvelous skiers compete! Then Expert, then Class I, Class II, Class III, Mens/Women, Novice, and ending with the Children's (12 and under) event. We will have volunteers at the event to help get you registered in the right group. I wish I could tell you what time each category would be starting, but it is dependent on how many competitors we have in each class. Show up, hang out, and cheer on all your friends in the club!


This year for insurance purposes we are running a sanctioned event under USA Water Ski and Wake Sports. To ski in the tournament you need to be a current member of USAWSWS at least a Grassroots level. If you are not a current member you can sign up for our event for just $10 here:




If you have any questions about this please reach out. It would REALLY help if everyone could take care of this before the tournament. We will have a computer there for people to sign up at the event, but that could slow things down.


This is going to be a very fun community day right in the middle of the annual Lake Stevens Aquafest. We have police helping us keep boats out of the cove, the boat launch will be closed and we always have lots of spectators. Let's show the entire city our community spirit and pride in our home town by putting on the best ski tournament we can!


See you at the tournament!!!

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