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2002 Mastercraft Prostar w/LTR 330 engine - No Spark


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End of last year - last run of the year boat died and found middle 15amp fuse was burned up. Replaced this and boat started normally. Then I winterized boat/disconnected removed battery (two negative leads off battery and two positive - with one of the positive leads going to fuse/circuit block - Hi AMP 40amp).


This season, I replaced water pump - had to really hammer the old one off with a block of wood - possibly affected Crank Position Sensors? Also replaced thermostat and gaskets (new gaskets did not have brass rings to maintain electrical continuity like on my old mercruiser 5.7 - something particular to a sterndrive perhaps?)


Next, i began dewinterizing - after replacing all engine block plugs, hoses, and hooking up battery I turned the key - boat cranked normally but I did see a puff of white smoke come from the ignition coil/module area. After not starting, I hooked up the spark tester - no spark upon further cranking.


Safety lanyard circuit has been jumped and same behavior. Fuel pump energizes - i can hear it prime for 2 seconds or so. Confirmed all 15 amp fuses are intact. Tested the three relays near the ECM and they are good. Bought a used Ignition Control Module off ebay and tried that - still no spark.


I'm waiting for new crank position sensors and new coils.


Anything in this trail of tears that is a red flag or any advice on where to go from here? I've been trying to sign up for Mastercraft TEAM TALK forum but no one ever approves my request for an account.

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