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D3 vs Stokes


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I’m getting ready to buy a set of jumpers. I’m leaning one way, but I’d like to get some input if someone has information that would help. If anyone has thoughts, they would definitely be appreciated!!! Thanks all.
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good question

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@Deanoski Im not even sure how to get a hold of Ron. Last I heard/read he had a big backlog and the website isn’t even registered.


I’m pulling the trigger on some Stokes on Monday. D3 responded fast and bounced some questions off Freddy. that experience was great, which made the decision more difficult.


I’m West MI, and most people are on D3s, and I’ve seen a few Goodmans around.


If I can, I’ll see about swapping some skis around and throw some feedback on here.


My gut was telling me Stokes, and Tom called me on a Sat afternoon to tell me about their skis and story, which was pretty awesome.

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Several years ago, i was trying to buy a sling for my daughter and was deciding between an ML and a Stokes. I called Performance and asked the salesman that answered the phone some questions but he wasn’t helpful. So I asked if they had a jumper that worked there and he said yes. I said “Put him on.” After a short wait, the new guy says “Hi. This is Zack [ Worden], can I help you?”


That was impressive.


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