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Ski options cores, size, ect.


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With regards to your first question, it depends on your weight and how aggressively you ski. The more you load on the line off the ball and the heavier you are, the more you are going to feel the construction differences.


As far as size, I am on the opinion that you want to ski on the longest ski you can turn. However, that depends on the model/shape of the ski. Lots of brands have demo programs that will allow you to test this notion

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I'm a 22-28' off 32 mph skier, and have owned 3 of the Senate constructions (Alloy, Graphite and Lithium). I'm currently on the Lithium, my wife took the Graphite.

I can tell you there is a definite different feeling in all 3. Alloy was best for crap water conditions and most forgiving. Graphite was faster then Alloy, still was ok in crap water conditions. Lithium is a rocket and I feel it when conditions suck. I could definitely feel the way each reacted differently in acceleration, turns and in water conditions. It did take me some time to get comfortable on the Lithium, and it still surprises me once in a while, both in good and bad ways.

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