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offside pull drills


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Looking for any tips/advice on working on my offside pull. Sorry, no video just yet, I'm working on that.


My issue is that I feel completely out of sorts and have no balance or confidence in my offside. I know the offside is tough for many and I've read a lot about position and I know I need to work on that a lot. I just feel like I can't get into a stacked position and feel completely out of control. I've tried pulling on a rope on dry land, not sure how helpful that is. I've read a lot about stacked position and skiing tall, I feel better about that on my onside but for whatever reason I can't "feel" it on my offside.


Someone recommended pull drills - pull out to either side with short rope and just practice pulling.


Any other tips or things to work on?


My onside pull is better, or at least I can do it reasonably well.


I don't know if it is in part just a confidence issue or if there is a way to feel more in control/balanced while pulling to my offside?


Any advice/tips/recommendations would be appreciated!


I know I need to work on video, I think that will help a lot, just trying to get the right set-up.

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  • Baller

Opinions vary but:

Drills (Gordon Rathbun's stand the test of time)!

Focus on pulling (leaning) drills- should be able to stay outside buoy line at 14m at 30mph; focus on lean/balance/tight handle connection at core.

Wake crossing drills - no point faster than 28mph if unable to edge through both wakes.

Probably best to add two-hand turns to the wake-crossing drills. Many skiers drop hips and turn with upper body using 1 hand turns; hooking up too poorly to obtain a strong lean and risking OTFs. Two hand turns (especially offside) will enhance staying connected to the handle for width, not dropping the hips through the turn, turning hips/core/chest/shoulders more in unison, stronger hook-ups heading into the wake during offside hook-up (less OTFs).

Drills aren’t fun at first, but become so and will yield more quality water time behind the boat.

Gotta video yourself to track progress.


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