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I am likely going to be heading to India for work sometime this summer. If I can swing it I would like to work in a 1 day layover somewhere since global travel is pretty limited with a young family and if I am going to do this for work I might as well get some enjoyment out of it.


Was thinking it may be pretty cool to somehow work in a water ski ride or two. Layovers look like it would be in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore. Any ballers or places to ski? Haven't really looked at Europe at this point.

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Lots and lots of good places to ski in Korea. Next to nothing here in Taiwan outside of a wake and surf school. Japan has a few options and @Ryota san is a member here. TE Wake and Ski is a short ride from Bangkok and run by a fellow former cheese head. It's where all the Koreans take ski vacations in the winter. Was in Kuala Lumpur this week but didn't find a lot of info about skiing there. Probably not the easiest layover. Singapore I don't think has anything. It's just a little island. Also don't think there's skiing in Hong Kong but there's plenty of wakesurfing.
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