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Dock Start

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@"Keith Menard" It's actually pretty easy if you're using a RTP but it's both a timing and a driving thing. I did it for many years starting back when I was a kid but haven't done it since I went to using a full back boot. Now I just slide off the dock as the rope gets tight and deep water start. You can't really even do that where they are in the video 'cause it's so shallow.


I know that some people can do it with a full back boot but I've never really tried it. Maybe once I did but I'm sure it was an epic fail 'cause I've never really thought about trying it again.

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Au contraire @John Brooks ! The last time I did a sick start with you driving our timing was much better than this video however I recall some “unexplained” problem with the throttle to make me slowly sink into the water approximately up to my nose! The main difference however was that the water was 38 degrees rather than 83 degrees! Man that was a cold day!!
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The trick to a good dock start is to hit it early. But only go about 8 mph. Once the skier hits the water transition to normal acceleration up to speed.


Trying to time the start to just the right amount of slack is too critical. Just get the boat going slowly and it's easy for the skier to time the jump.


One footed slalom starts are straightforward this way. Two footed jump offs are trickier and you are likely to get quite wet but still doable.


WO starts on a trick ski work great using this technique - even with inexperienced drivers.



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