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Ski tuning


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At what speed and line lengths will fin tuning become more critical. Should stock settings be adequate to run into -35 & - 38.assuming they are working at longer lengths. What are you looking for with ski behaviour say after, -28. Will the ski become more finicky after any given line length
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@jimski, tuning is important at all speeds and line lengths, but for different reasons.


Low speed skiers don't lean over as far as fast shortline skiers, so their fins are constantly in play. Shortline skiers roll their fins much more out of play at extreme lean angles around turns making binding location more critical than it is at lower lean angles.


Slow speed setups can focus mostly on how the fin affects the ski around turns. Shortline setups need more of a focus on how the ski behaves through transitions, like rolling out of turns, through the edge change into the outbound cast, and turn initiation.


Stock settings vary among ski companies from very good for a general cross section of skiers to safe but nothing special for anyone. And a poor setup can be as harmful to a beginner who's struggling to learn as it can be to an advanced skier who's depending on the ski to do what's expected.

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