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Method by Radix


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I’ve been doing CrossFit the last few years in the off season and it’s a good program but I have always had to taper way back during the season. I’d like to try a different workout regimen this ski season in the hopes of maintaining some consistency in the gym while skiing.


Method by Radix seems like it could be good since it’s tailored to skiers. However, I’m not sure if it’ll be difficult to jump into it without doing their off-season program. I’m also not sure if you can start it up at any time, or if the program only starts in particular dates (for example if the phase 2 program was introduced in March, can you still start that at any point during the season?).


Does anyone have any testimonials regarding the program? And can anyone answer the questions about starting it around now - is that feasible?



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Hi @skispray I'm going to tag my husband, @Bojan to chime in on this. From what I know, is you can start any Method (1 or 2) every Monday depending on your needs and goals... I believe the off-season program was a lot of learning the movements and building strength and in-season is more about maintaining mobility and balance in your body... but again...He's the one to ask :)


Thanks for the tag @DavidN

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Hi @skispray


Sorry for getting back so late to you. Anyways, METHOD started as an Off-Season training plan but it turned out to be much more. The programs are designed as building blocks and you learn from each Series.


So I would always recommend with Series 1 since you need to learn all the new movements and we really take care of good mobility and stability which are most causes for issues while skiing.


So this being said, we normally try to get rid of dysfunctions before we ski. But it doesn't mean it's only an off-season training program. We just started it there.


You can start any METHOD Series whenever you want. If you sign up during the week you will start the following Monday. I highly recommend to do Series 1. It's not supposed to make you sore for days like Crossfit and by the time you get to Series 2 your body is ready to take on a little bit more strain.


This means you can always ski and always go to the gym! :)

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