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Building a boat ramp


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Anyone ever build a boat ramp for super light personal use?


I have some shoreline at the lake that is eroding and actually has shaped itself more or less into a boat ramp. Its actually totally usable right now for a small boat like our 13' whaler. Shoreline is too soft for the Nautique. I'm thinking of actually building it into something I could actually get the Nautique in and out of. Anyone done this before?


I think 10feet width is probably fine ... what do you think minimum length I could get away with?


I was thinking about using this stuff. https://www.flexamat.com/


Any other ideas?


Is this a pipe dream?



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On our lake, we laid two rows of grass block pavers (you know, the kind that let grass grow up through it) where our trailer wheels go. It works fine, since the two boat trailers that use it have a similar wheelbase.
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Looks like that invisible structures grid stuff can't be submerged so you basically use that for the run in and then need something more substantial for actual submerged ramp portion.


I can't do concrete. Need to keep this under the radar and thus building out the dams and forms to pour the concrete would be tough. I like the idea of something a little more "natural" looking too.

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