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Spring mountain in AZ


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I have never been to the actual site but I drive by the area all the time traveling between San Diego and Phoenix. Its just off highway 85, maybe 45 minutes from Phoenix and 30 north of Gila Bend. Not much out there other than a jail and a landfill. I don't think Spring Mountain got much traction and I'd be surprised if that site had its operating costs sorted out. I'd look at some of their other, more established sites.


Here is a link: http://waterskiarizona.com/index.php


Susan, the agent, is pretty responsive and should be able to give you the scoop. I think she has a place at Lakeside which is just south of Spring Mountain.

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@tlarocque @bananaron Thanks. I spend my weekends at Lakeside, but my primary residence is in Scottsdale. Maybe I will be at the lake full time after the kids finish school.

So here is the “scoop” on what is happening at Spring Mountain. There is a breath of new life in the project. A few new lot owners and new leadership in the HOA have good things happening. They have put a few assessments in the HOA fee to upgrade the infrastructure and common area. They have their own well now that is pumping 1000 gal / min., have fixed the shoreline and continue to work on the common area. One of the newer owners has begun construction. She has completed her garage w/guest casita and plans to start building the home soon. 3 of the the docks are now “built out”. They are well constructed covered docks with outdoor kitchen space. I stopped by there 2 weeks ago to get some drone footage filmed. The water quality looks excellent and the lake level is where I belongs for skiing and dock usuage. In the last 2 years a few of the lots have transferred ownership through sales. The prices are slowly going up, but still a bargain as far as AZ ski lakes. Unless you have the bank account to purchase the $1m+ stuff at Crystal or Santan, Spring Mountain is your only viable option. Nothing for sale at Lakeside and not likely to be anything available in the near future. Lakeside Owner’s only sell when there is a life change that prompts them to sell.

Hope that helps with all the urban legends and rumors surrounding Spring Mountain. It has potential, but will take several years before it reaches optimal desirability.

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