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Are you kiddin' me?!! Careful what ski gear you send in the mail!


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Several years ago, I purchased a used Swivl-Eze Ski pylon on eBay for my old runabout. The seller was somewhere in the US and I'm in Canada so he shipped it up in the mail. Given that a ski pylon is a thick walled strong and rigid stainless steel tube, I never gave that decision much thought. I mean, what could you possibly do to damage a friggin' ski pylon? Right?


To my absolute shock, this is what I received. Somewhere along the way, either the USPS or Canada Post (I never did find out which service did it) must have driven over the package with a tank or large track-hoe or something. As you can see, the 2" o.d. stainless pylon and the two 1" o.d. support stays were crushed FLAT. How do you even do that?!




Look how badly they crushed the pylon tube! That's heavy steel!




They even bent the crap out of the stainless steel base/anchor plate. That metal is pretty thick and hard to bend.




If they can do that to a nearly indestructible ski pylon, imagine what they could do to a delicate carbon fibre slalom ski!



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