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2013 SN Issues


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Hey Ballers,


Wondering if anyone has had experienced anything like this before?

We are having a problem where the boat can’t do 58km/h(36mph) for the first few passes of a set. (The times are slow like 16.85 when the boat is meant to be doing 36mph). After 3rd pass, the boat usually comes right and the times are fine again.


I initially thought it was zero off/puck related but even with the Zero-off, off, the boat is not performing correctly. On the weekend, we did some tests with the zero off, off and no skier.

The first pass the boat wouldn’t go past 36mph with the speed control off. You can even feel, the boat is slow/sluggish on the pull off.

The second pass the boat was surging however the speed eventually came right towards the end of the second pass with a normal maximum speed of about 65/66km/h.


I have uploaded the videos to dropbox to help show this crazy scenario. - click here

You will hear the boat surging.


Today, the 1st pass, the boat would only go about 53km/h at full speed(32 mph) at first so the problem seems be getting worse. There is also a lot of white smoke.


I have also tried running it with the engine box open.


However soon as the boat is switched off, and starts again the same issues come back. Once the boat starts running again and after pass 3, everything is perfect and the boat runs perfectly. Very strange I know.

We also always ensure the boat is up to temperature prior to running it. During the tests, the temperate as seen from the video is normal.


Boat model:

2013 SN 200, 5.7 litre with 800 hours used only in Fresh Water


To date we have tried as follows;

• Replacing O2 Sensors

• Drained and cleaned fuel tank

• Changed all the fuel filters

• Changed distributor cap and rotor

• Changed spark plugs

- Performed compression test. All was in order

• New manifold(the one was cracked slightly

- redone normal service items - oil, impeller and belt change


I have also run the diacom. No error codes to date. Cam retard is at 15 degrees


Thank you in advance

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  • Baller
@ski6: white smoke from the exhaust tends to indicate water in the combustion chamber. I suggest a leak down test as a better indicator of engine health check. It has the symptoms of a head gasket issue, probably between the center cylinders as the most likely area. Water in the combustion chamber can/will burn off as the engine warms up resulting in poor start up performance but eventually clearing out and running okay. If that is it, it will continue to deteriorate as it seems you are experiencing. You might pop out the plugs and see if there is any water in the combustion chambers (you could simply blow them out and see if water comes out the hole). If the engine seems to have a hard time turning over by all means stop, that is a signal you may be hydrolocking and could end up bending a con rod. Also, do you still have the old plugs, do a good inspection and google 'spark plug check' and compare yours to the pictures from the web.
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Agree with Andre, check the fuel pressure at the fuel rail both when you are experiencing the problem and when it is running fine. I would bet you a slalom set that the pressure is down when you are experiencing the problem. You should be getting around 60PSI. If you don't have a pressure gauge you should be able to borrow one for free from autozone. If you want to record a diacom file while it is running bad and send the file to me I would be happy to look at it for you.
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