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WTB: Inexpensive used Front Left binding to fit size 9.5


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I'm just trying to put together a set of bindings for a spare/backup ski. I've already lined up a Connelly Talon Medium right binding on a rear plate and would like to find a left binding of some kind on a front plate to complete the set. A medium LF Talon would be perfect if anyone has one. The size is supposedly 8-9 for the medium but I have a pair here and they fit my sz. 9.5 feet very well with a little extra length on the footbed to spare beyond the end of my big toe. The pair I already have here are going on my main ski.


The binding doesn't have to be a Talon or a Connelly. It could be some other brand. I do prefer the comfort of right and left specific bindings so I would prefer a left foot specific boot over a symmetrical binding if possible. PM me if you've got something suitable kicking around that you wouldn't mind getting rid of to clear some space. I'm in Canada but I'd only ask you to ship to a PO Box in MT if you're in the USA.


I haven't purchased the RR Talon yet so I'm open to the option of buying a pair of bindings if the price makes sense.

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