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To drop a hand, or not?

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So I always use the beginning of the season to make a big change in my skiing technique. For example, Seth told me to wait until spring to swap my goofy grip (which worked great). Now I’m wondering if this year I should force myself to drop a hand starting from pass #1 (I’ve always skied double-pawed).


I have lots to work on (strength, body position...) so just wondering how important you guys think one-handed passes are to progress as a 15off skier.

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@OscawanaSkier it's next to impossible to coach you on something this fundamental without seeing you ski but in general I advocate releasing your free hand more later than sooner in your technical progression.

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I remember some 15-20 years ago an article in WSM from Rhoni Barton that 2 hand turns teach you proper edge change. So despite the pressure from coaches, I kept 2 hands on until I run 34mh. Then when started dropping my hand I almost immediately run 36mh and 22@34.

Where I ski most people start dropping their hand after they start running the course.

I think “later” paid off in my case.

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