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Looking for a decent but not too expensive 2012 - 2015-ish 68" or 69" slalom ski


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I have a friend who's in his mid to late 20s who needs a new slalom ski. He has been skiing on a 200X Radar MPD but it's a 67" and it was probably a little too short for him to begin with but now that he's filled out and put on some muscle, it's definitely too short for him. He's about 6'2" and 215 lbs.


He's an open water free skier like me and he's not too bad of a skier but also like me, he doesn't always have perfect technique so something not too squirrely and a little forgiving would probably be best. We ski at 22' off most of the time and he usually skis in the 32 - 34 mph range. He liked his MPD because it was quick and nimble and he could be as agressive as he dared to on it and the ski was always up to the task. He also borrowed my old Monza a number of times and loved it and skied well on it. Based on all of these things, I'm thinking that maybe something a few years old, higher performing yet also foregiving and user friendly would be a good fit for him.


From Horton's 2013 review, I'm thinking one possibility could be a 2013/14 D3 Quest but I'm sure he'd be open to just about anything comparable. He hasn't got tons of cash to throw at this but I think his budget range might be in the $300 - $400 USD range for the ski. He could also probably use some bindings too but I'm not exactly sure what size he'd need.


EDIT: His shoe size is 11


Recommendations are most welcome.


Anybody got an old stick that would likely work for him that they want to get out of the basement/boathouse? PM me if you do!



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I have a 2014 69" Radar Graphite Senate & a 69" 2015 Radar Alloy Senate for sale. Also a pair of Standard size Radar Vectors in very good condition. Also have a pair of Radar Profile size 11 (left foot forward, but can change plates) in just OK condition. Will send pics if you want.

Will gladly entertain any decent price to move them out of my basement.



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