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Any update on the new USAWS membership pricing structure?


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Getting time to for me to renew. I was expecting to see some of the new membership options that were discussed last Feb. Seems the same as before. Email from memberservices@usawaterski.org indicates the new membership options are not yet implemented.


Does anyone have an update, or a roll-out date?

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@ski6jones Sorry, did not see this, feel free to tag me in the future on any questions I might be able to help with. Anyways, long long story short it is not 100% implemented. Part of the restructure that comes with the new membership structure is a total revamp of our entire back end and front end membership system and database, a much needed venture but one that is taking longer and costing more than projected.


What we have done in the meantime is released parts of it such as pricing, $19.95, active, GR, U25, all those membership fees are released or being released by 3/1/19 based on what was passed back with the original membership task force proposal. Whats left is the $25 guest pass, the $30 family supporting membership and the official only membership. Those later 3 are new and thus require more programming.


Hope that helps.

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