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Just a question for the radar guys, what are the differences between the new Radar Union and the Senate?

The information I see is that they are both a tad wider than a vapour, but the same shape?

I am guessing different cores and layups?




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@Justin The Union is a wider version of the Senate. The Senate is 0.2" wider than a Vapor and the Union is 0.4". The wider a ski gets, the more surface area it has. Surface area translates to lift, so more surface area rides higher in the water. The slower the boat speed, the deeper a ski rides in the water, reducing its performance and increasing fatigue to the skier. Go with a Union if you are skiing slower speeds (24-32mph) and want more stability and go with a Senate if you are looking for faster speeds (28-34mph) and like a more aggressive line. Both skis are very balanced and intuitive to ride and offer the skier a great platform to progress on. LMK if you have any other questions.
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I am not one of the Radar guys but I would say the Katana is closer to what the P6 was but with a little higher envelope.


The Union would be a great 30 mph ski. For me I started to struggle with slowing the ski down on the Katana at 32 off and 30 mph. I could run it but it wasn't pretty. I would imagine if I cleaned it up it would help me at 34 mph.

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