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Slalom binding placement and advise please


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Hello everyone


I'm in need of some advanced direction placing bindings on a ski correctly the first time and not mess it up


Let me begin with a little backstory and interesting details that may be relevant ...


A ski friend saw i was still on my '94 vintage Connelly HP and asked why i'm still skiing on that dinosaur bone..

Well, over the years i hadn't tried anything worth giving it up over, it always felt right to me.

He arranged to set up a purchase of a used blank from another guy, i replied just cant, currently things are tight post-divorce; he replied don't worry....

Well i'm handed a '07 vintage Connelly F1 that feels light as a feather, i said i can't afford this he says yeah you can.

So i take it home, he says, its got a good story., i'll tell you later..


Well indeed i have it now for the price of a good pair of sneakers.

When i saw it, determined its too good to mount my clunky HP boots on it like i had first envisioned. Figured id get a modern binding set for it on closeout whenever i could.

So later on he tells me that it had changed hands prior but I learn that it is one of Jamie B's old sticks!

now i really don't want to mess it up


It appears to have been set up for an advanced plate or hardshell system. There are only 1/4-20 inserts at the extreme ends, i dont recognize the system and my searches came up empty


that said, I scored some very visually complimentary Radar bindings on closeout, but, not connelly




1) So, how sacrilegious is it to mix brands on this ski?


2) Before i dare drill a hole, i want to get binding placement as correct as possible

My first inclination is place the back of my heels identically as my HP, while adjusted proportionately for any delta-length.

But please advise..


3) If i direct-mount, intend to use 5/8" ss pan head or truss head screws, into drilled pilot holes


4) Has one utilized a lightweight plate to adapt std plate bindings to the eight 1/4-20 inserts in the center-line

(4 front/ 4 astern) thus not making additional holes in the ski?


The total weight is looking like 7# vs my 10.5# HP, so i'm a bit excited about that


thanks for anything you can advise ballers,






with intended bindings..sure is purdy...



my old trusty HP



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  • Baller

I would be cautious. That F1 may not have the blocks beneath the top sheet to accept and hold the sheet metal screws. Maybe check with Connelly?

I would be inclined to make up an adapter plate utilizing the fore/aft mounts to allow the Radars to be used until the fogman system could be replicated.

Cool Ski.

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I'm guessing you aren't an experienced tuner, or high end skier, save yourself from possible injury and mount it on the wall, better yet get JB to sign it! then trade another pair of sneakers for an even newer and better ski off Ski-it-again.


like this:



or this



will be a much easier ski to ride and likely didn't have a pro flexing it at 41off... skis deteriorate, especially with repeated heavy use. Kind of a collectors item ski too, could be worth something someday!


The issue you will have with many skis, is it appears your back boot is the feather frame which I believe will only mount to late model radars. Front boot will mount to any newish ski. The radar posted will have no issue accepting that boot and is light years better than the F1




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@aupatking I had a Connelly back then, Wiley's just drilled and screwed right in with sheet metal screws when I ordered from them. Then I mounted FM quattros to it and had to drill and screw into the front and rear to add more inserts.


Those fogmans were just drilled in also.


What you basically want to do is drill, then using a small burr in a dremel open up around the screw hole, then inject fill those holes with some epoxy, then redrill. Makes them less likely to strip. Wiley's FYI did not put filler around the holes.

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@ReallyGottaSki I’m at Connelly guy and I will still tell you that it’s not sacrilegious. Happy that you are still on at Connelly and we definitely want you to get it set up right. There should be blocks in that ski so the sheet metal screws should be fine but the blocks would be where Connelly inserts would be. That means it should work properly on your front plate, but you’re better off borrowing a Connelly rear plate (from a newer pair of boots than your old one) and mark the plate and ski and still your plastic plate and tap into the ski based on those holes. If you have troubles or questions feel free to give me a call. 843.270.2902


As for settings, the link someone gave above should be good but let me know if you have troubles.

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Well the ski is performing really well, so much better than what i was on.


Two fun projects this year; this F1 ski that found its way to me due to thoughtful folk, and a long overdue engine refresh, had been making noise for two decades, valve stem had worn down about 0.300"! It likely would have fragged this year.





Enjoying the lateral support of these binding, and the ski really suits me. I don't frequent the course much at all, but 28 off at 34 on poor water, felt like butter, i could gain on the course then have to wait for the ball like never before.

Looking forward to a run at a real site!


Thank you all, and Seth and Colin for the guidance on the F1

and i'll inspect it frequently, as i heed the advise given it has seen high stresses


This engine is now a mid-range monster, with gains low and high end as well. makes speed holding and compensation at ski speeds a breeze.

New bearings, oil pump, dr chain, trick flow Al heads, alum intake, scorpion rockers, 214/224 cam, aluminum front cover, crank rwp, and commander manifolds.

Added up to 141 pounds removed from the boat. Wake was great prior, even down to 24 mph, even more so now.


Its been a good year, post divorce.

so refreshing to not be undermined and plotted against ,and one's efforts scavenged further.


Solid, amazing GF, and daughter is doing great


Anyone who has poison in their life, don't wait as long as i did to eject it. Yeah its fianacial Armageddon but you can't get those years back don't burn any more.


keep ballin



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