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At first, I thought this thread was trying to link water skiing to Kevin Bacon within 6 connections.


Here is my shot at it anyway:


1. Water skiing was featured in “The Great Outdoors” with John Candy.

2. John Candy was in “Stripes” with Bill Murray.

3. Bill Murray was on “Saturday Night Live” with John Belushi.

4. John Belushi was in “Animal House” with Kevin Bacon.


As for bacon, the food, it’s fantastic.


The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.

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I'm not sure how there can be any debate between bacon and sausage. They're both awesome. However, the flexibility and many applications of bacon does give it the edge.


You can sprinkle the bits on salad, put on a burger, with eggs, in a quiche, with pancakes, wrap it around a steak, wrap it around a smoked jalapeno, sprinkle the bits on potatoes, wrap it around a turkey, wrap it around a sausage (or hot dog/bratwurst,) wrap around a scallop or shrimp, add to mac n cheese, add to just about ANY sandwich (to balance the healthy benefits of an avocado turkey or chicken club,) add to a pasta dish, add to an onion dip, how about a bacon jalapeno corn salad....yum, add to ANY casserole to make it better, wrap around just about any vegetable (to make them taste better, and counter the healthy benefits,) you can shape it (into a bowl, taco shell, or a cup) shapes (to fill with a large variety of foods,) make a big flat basket weave piece, the bacon grease can be used for frying eggs or added to green beans to make them taste better, or you can flavor it (with hickory, maple, bourbon,) or you can just eat it plain.




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@Cam I agree that many things smell better than they actually taste. Coffee takes a little sugar and cream, but then is perfect. Cigars smell better than the actual taste, although I still enjoy savoring a good smoke for an hour. Bacon however, taste every bit as good as the smell, even though there really isn't a better smell than bacon on the grill.....
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