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I'm 65 and while I have been skiing for years, was only exposed to a course for the first time about 12 years ago so I came late to course skiing. I've loved sports all my life and participated in almost everything at one time or another and being analytical by nature I've always looked first in detail at the form being employed by the best in an attempt to shortcut the process by mimicking their movements. So far in this sport I will admit to limited success with this approach in comparison with other sports I have picked up. Maybe it's just age catching up with me. Anyway when I started course skiing I began watching a lot (and I mean a lot} of video in order to dissect exactly what the pros are doing that makes them so successful. As part of that analysis, I have watched older videos of the pros from as early as the 80's and 90's and compared them with the videos of more current skiers. We often talk about advances in ski technology over the years as it relates to improvements in ball count. But I believe that there have been more dramatic changes in style which have resulted in so many of the pros regularly running 39 and better. For those of you who are older like myself, or anyone who is just familiar with the style of the pros from earlier decades I have two questions:


1. What in your opinion are the most significant changes in style that have contributed to so many skiers consistently running shorter line lengths?

2. What significant changes in style have you made from when you first started skiing the course and how have your scores improved (I hope) as a result?


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