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Bishop Explains about the Carbon Pro for the last time


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Thanks @horton. Inaccurate speculation is a waste of time especially when the exact story of the Carbon Pro wind down has been shared and there is in fact no connection for decision making between the programs.


I think it can be simplified as:


Carbon Pro was going to get a refresh to make it easier/faster to build and therefore continue as one of the most economical new boat options we have. The R&D got messed up, they ran out of time for 2018, enter in unrelated C level objectives and decision made to put it all on hold. 100% in house decision confirmed to me by those who were in the meeting with the CEO.


2019 SN, IMO is intended to be the ultimate ski boat with all the bells and whistles to justify a high price point that makes sense for Nautique to build in their factory next to $200k wakeboard boats. Nautique might be offended to even compare this boat to a carbon pro.


2019 200 seems like a great shot at the lower price point end of our market for new boats achieved through partnering with a different factory at what I assume is a lower cost. Nautique may have other aspects to their reasons for the new 200 (we heard it was originally being built for EU?) but I don’t know if any of us understand the actual inside business detail.

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