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Prostar tower removal procedure?


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model year 2014-present have you removed the tower off of your Prostar?


Got my new/used boat yesterday and looks like the tower needs to be removed. It folds down really easy. Just a headache to fold it down every time I want to park it in the garage.


Looking at it last night it looks like I will need to remove sea deck from the kick panel that is mounted from the gunnel to the floor in order to access the nuts underneath the tower plate mounts. looks like I will have to peel the sea deck from those kick panel in order to access the fasteners that holds the panel in place?


Thank, Mark

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I had the same issue with the garage. I removed mine from the attachment plates and left those installed. You have to disconnect the wires to the light of course.


I"m planning to raise my garage door over the winter so I don't have to lower the tower to get the boat in the garage.

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In case anyone is really wondering:

unthread the giant hand knob which allows the tower to fold down.

fold down tower disconnect electrical wire on the drivers side.

Stand tower back up, with tower stood up you will notice it slides forward and aft.

slide to the aft most position then quickly pull with some force forward and the base of the tower will disengage itself front the spring loaded base plate.

Lift tower out of boat.

Store tower and forget about it until you sell the boat.

Go skiing.

Very impressed with the engineering on this! MC all day long!

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