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Nautique- the official boat of 90's country music?


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I forget the skier. I remembered they cut the heels off the boots for the barefoot scene. Which seems obvious, can’t imagine footin’ With a hook on the bottom of you feet, whack! I wonder what happened to that boat?


Edit: I just watched the video for the first time in years and I clearly see heels on the boots. I remember hearing otherwise. Boy times have changed. Could you imagine a music video in 2002 with waterskiing being the subject?

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I whacked the heals off with a sledge hammer, then cut the nails flush. Alan was kinda pissed at the director for this as the boots were very high dollar and Alan had just bought them.


As far as the stunt skier, he was a true stunt man with a high degree of waterski skills. The guy had some boat jump record at the time. His name escapes me..

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