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Technology for the next LeeSki Trick Ski


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@eleeski this is way next level Beyond boron


Pursuing further innovation, McLaren utilized this digital loom technique to develop a unique carbon fibre and titanium weave, christened Titanium Deposition Carbon Fibre. Traditional methods to change the color of carbon fibre can compromise the material’s structural integrity and visual clarity; for the Speedtail, a micron-thin layer of titanium is fused directly onto the weave and becomes an integral part of the carbon fiber’s construction. The titanium deposition process maintains immense strength and low weight and creates a truly remarkable finish of visual carbon fiber with a chrome-effect shimmer.


The front splitter, diffuser and side skirts are all finished in 1K Titanium Deposition Carbon Fibre. This material has just 1000 fibers per thread, making it lighter than the 3K alternative and allowing the adoption of a Jacquard weaving process to create an intricate, bespoke pattern in the Visual Carbon Fibre elements. The titanium can additionally be anodized in any bespoke color or used to create interwoven images, symbols or even words within the carbon – for example, the rear of the driver’s seat features the McLaren logo.


Working in collaboration with expert Swiss watchmaker, Richard Mille, McLaren used pioneering horology techniques to develop a world-first in the automotive sector: Thin-Ply Technology Carbon Fibre (TPT). The material is comprised of countless ultra-thin carbon layers just 30 microns in depth, each positioned at a 45° angle. The surface is then delicately milled to expose a stratified, shimmering construction that resembles flowing water. This fusion of cutting-edge technology and design with precision engineering is truly unique, and can be integrated into areas of the Speedtail such as the overhead control panel, gearshift paddles and steering wheel clasp. TPT is also used in combination with 18-carat white gold to create the McLaren badge on the front of the first Speedtail design model.

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Note that Jalopnik is the website that featured my focus truck: https://jalopnik.com/ford-should-look-long-and-hard-at-this-homemade-focus-p-1800601519 . So they have real credibility!


Vapor deposition is a proven process. It's actually how boron fibers get made. I haven't seen any data for the carbon/titanium laminate so I'll not be an early adopter.


If it's just a cosmetic process, I know McLaren thinks that is critical. Me, primer white is my Henry Ford directive. I have enough trouble making the ski perform - I'm not wasting effort on aesthetics.


This is cool materials engineering!



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