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Fin changes when going shorter


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I've heard it said that if your ski feels dialed in for 28 and 32 (34 mph), these may not be the same settings you need to be dialed in at 35, 38 or beyond.

So, my question is:

If you are dialed in on ski settings for 28 and 32, when might you make a change, and what would those changes be?

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This isn't a question that has a right answer. It depends on your initial setup.

If your setup is a bit loose, it may run -28 and -32 nicely, but start over-smearing into too much angle at -35. In that case, what @AdamCord said. If your initial setup is a bit tight, you can force enough turn turn out of it to run -28 and -32, but at -35 the boat will have you before your turn is finished. Less tail hold would be the fix here, and that may be bindings back, less fin area or both.

Like @liquid d said, do whatever makes the ski work best for the hardest pass you make more often than not. That will give you the most shots at your hardest pass and a ski you know and trust when pushing the envelope.

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