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Morse MV2 - any of you ever have this happen?


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I basically lost my ability to throttle it up for the cold start. ( transmission lockout button pulled out ) I should mention that is w/throttle lever being pushed towards the bow. Same situation going towards the stern w/throttle lever and I have 100% full throttle available. This was the problem - my throttle cable at the throttle lever end at the control box had spun it's way out, gradually reducing my cold start idle up rpm over time. There is a jam nut on the end of the throttle cable to keep the threaded brass insert stationary once it is set and that appeared to still be in place. But for a fact the cable had spun way down the threads. Have any of you ever had this happen? The same thing happened years ago and I actually don't remember when, given that it was only once over 26 years. Thanks
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