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Braggin' on my kid a little bit


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Started teaching my kid to ski at 2. Lots of ups and downs. I've been skiing almost 50 years, but no competition/slalom expert as you will discover through any of my bonehead posts here. This was the first year she was serious about the Slalom course. She is now 11 years old. At beginning of year she was 17 mph, but no idea how to enter the gates. Now her PB is 2 at 28 mph, long line, and makes the gates every time. She attended several youth clinics, and participated in a summer handicap league for kids put together by the Sacramento Ski teams and private lakes. She even won one of the tourneys and this week will enter her first officially sanctioned tourney through the Berkeley Water Ski Club. This habit has forced me to sell a great Nautique V Drive, that I purchased new, and buy a slalom specific boat (bubble butt, saving for a newer boat). Really appreciate the help from @twhisper and Kristin, the Mainer Family, the Schroeder Family, the Lyford Family, the Vaio family, Ryan Canepa, Garrett Reese, and many more in helping our daughter advance so far this season.
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