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Conversion of dual puck ZO 196 to one puck


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  • Baller

Never really gave much thought to the 2016 conversion of ZO to one puck vs. two. My old 196 has the Rev R dual puck system and I regularly ski at Swiss behind a 2017 single puck version R. Always thought the 2017 felt "firmer" but assumed it was due to the 6.2 liter engine vs. my 5.7 liter. However, now that the new Rev S is out and only available on single puck systems, figured perhaps the pull feel may be something more than just 6.2 liter vs. 5.7 liter engines.

Had the ZO head flashed and the new single puck installed. (if anyone wants/ needs a 1 year old puck from the 2 puck system..$50.00 including shipping).

Took the boat out on my course with my driver to minimize variables. I have run A2+ most of the summer, but then settled back to C2. (have tried B2 several times and just hated it, but was told with the single puck, drop a letter from the dual puck.) Here are my observations:

1. Put unit in practice mode to see number of satellites acquired. Old dual puck: 7-9 Single puck: 20 + Assume this may be part of the reason for difference in feel.

2. Ran C2: 32, 32 Then dropped to B2: 32, 32

3. Ran C2: 35, 35 Then dropped to B2: 35,35

4. Ran C2: 38 Then dropped to B2 : 38


Based on all the above, the single puck pull does feel different from my old dual puck system on my boat. ( Did not try + because I was told there is no revision "S" for my old 196.) If I were to describe the pull difference it would be everything is more "compressed" that is to say all responses to skier input occur in a shorter period of time. The C setting is more aggressive than B as expected, but to me the differences between B and C are far less dramatic in the single puck system than the dual puck system. The single puck B2 felt more like the old 2 puck C2, but again, the single puck C2 was not dramatically harsh or intense. On C2 single puck, I did not feel as free from the boat as with C2 dual puck, but one could easily get used to it.

Realize no matter what is done an older 196 is not going to feel exactly like a 200, but I will say going single puck gets it closer. Think I may settle in on B2, but will ski a few more sets behind my boat, then head over to Swiss for another comparison.


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  • Baller
Ed, Skip Dunlap did the complete install and flash. He is in the process of getting Rev S and will flash next time he is in the Clermont area. As you know, Skip has been in the business a LONG time. Entire process, including new single puck install, harness and flash was less than 45 minutes. Have fun at the Nautique party. Not able to make it.
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